Sangeeta Matu

Sangeeta Matu

Head of Partnership

Lean In Malaysia

Sangeeta’s life has been shaped by the sum of her experiences.

Sangeeta’s first paid gig as a young teenager was delivering newspapers. She has since clocked in almost two decades of experience, working in academia, the telecom and pharmaceutical industries, tech SMEs and entrepreneurships.

At AstraZeneca she developed her consulting skills by improving manufacturing, quality and working practices on bulk drug plant, operations and supply chain. She was selected to lead two high profile projects, the Annual Communication Events for the Head of UK Operations, and the Global Pandemic Flu supply solution for the Chief Medical Officer.

An incredible opportunity arose when she was selected into British Telecom’s Fast Track Leadership Programme, allowing her to step out of her comfort zone on a daily basis. She delivered significant targets within Strategy Consulting, Business Development, Business Improvement and Operations. Amongst other achievements, as the Asia-Pacific Head of Service Delivery, Business Operations, she pioneered flexible working arrangements for her staff.

Sangeeta obtained her BSc (Pharmacology) and MSc (Biomedical Research) at King’s College, London. She is a published scientific author. Her laboratory research at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, led to a candidate drug, Miltefosine®, being clinically recommended for a tropical disease.

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