Raymond Phan

Raymond Phan

Head of Projects

Lean In Malaysia

He is Project Management Director of Lean In Malaysia providing support and works in financial industry as professional career. Being a male lead among women is a courageous action, but what is more incredible is the passion and value towards supporting social empowerment organization. He loves to contribute more into community socially.

He is passionate about gender equality, youth leadership and social empowerment by giving everyone an equal opportunity to speak up, step up & ‘lean in’ to discover the potential of each individual. He believed that it does not limit only to women, but encourage men to participate too. It’s about the communal effort between both men and women that create the best chemistry within an aspect, particularly on corporate career. Moving forward, his aspiration is to promote youth leadership and empowerment among younger generation and strongly believe an equal participation of empowered individual especially seeing more women breaking through the glass ceiling in life.

He truly believed that empowerment platform like Lean In will lay a profound leadership foundation within himself and then empowered others. He is also inspired by many good leaders as example and life inspiration.

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