Our Work

We at Asia Women Circle aim to Educate, Enable and Empower women and their partners by asking the right questions and kick starting the right conversations. Our Circle Dialogues ask the questions and work towards enabling and empowering women. Our annual Lean In Summit brings to light issues and enables conversations to create positive changes.


Asking probing questions via Circle Dialogues to challenge stereotypes or preconceived notions and encouraging critical thinking.


Leveraging on existing networks and forming meaningful partnerships to enable young professional women to give back to society. Running outreach programmes to empower women as a whole via skillsets training/ entrepreneurial workshops. Serving as a platform for young women to harness and develop their skillsets meaningfully, including mentorship!


Creating a conducive ecosystem where women are empowered to pursue their ambitions, having focused discussions, charting each individual’s life paths – this is achieved via AWC’s circle meets & Circle Dialogues.

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