Aysha Shujaat

Aysha Shujaat


Lean In Malaysia

Aysha Shujaat is a democracy and governance consultant with over ten years of experience in Asia, Middle East and Africa. She has worked with international organizations such as United Nations and international NGOs focusing on providing assistance to post-conflict and developing democracies.

She started her career as an humanitarian worker in post-war Afghanistan and subsequently Iraq.  Her work on these crisis missions not only tested personal and professional resolve right at the start of her career, but also polished her leadership abilities and gave her the perspective of life under extraordinary circumstances.

More recently she worked on some of the most historic electoral missions of recent times supporting post-war democratisation in South Sudan and Libya. She led Libya’s first democratic election, after the fall of Gaddafi regime,  for Libyans residing in UAE and the South Sudan’s referendum for Sudanese refugees in Kenya.

Often being the first hire for these missions, Aysha has been involved in recruiting and leading large teams and establishing procedures/policies for these politically sensitive missions. She has led host-government negotiations and coordination with a range of stakeholders such as national authorities, donors, civil society, and community elders.

These experiences have shaped her passion for people, processes and policies.

These days Aysha is a gabbling entrepreneur, a women empowerment enthusiast and a committed mother. She is the President of Lean In Malaysia and advisor to a youth development startup, Enrive, based in Pakistan.

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