Aiza Azreen

Aiza Azreen

Aiza is the Director of Strategy at Axiata Digital Services (ADS), doing the things she loves, advancing Asia in the digital space and advocating the participation of more women in the digital revolution.

She has balanced a few roles: Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer for an Islamic bank, leadership position in industries of Information Technology, global management consulting, media and entertainment, multi-industry conglomerate, and advisor to a fashion line, Cipela Shoes.

Aiza lives by the late Maya Angelou’s quote: “Surviving is important, Thriving is elegant”, enjoying life’s humbling and grandiose moments in Malaysia and Australia, a place she called home for several years. Along the way, she learns the importance of being authentic as a person and as a leader.

She believes today’s adults determine the survival of tomorrow’s children, and every woman, with other women and men leaning in, is the ultimate driving force for a thriving future.

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