Lean In Unconference 2018 (LIU 2018) entitled, “What’s Next? Leveling Up The Conversation” with the theme ‘Diversity in Career and Societal Issues’, the conference aims to create platform for women from all walks of life who want to part in nation building by bridging conversations and actions from different segments of society into one. The goal is to broaden our coverage of inclusion amongst the members of our nation.

This year, The Unconference will be held on the 8th of December 2018 (Saturday) at the Lanai Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia and is expected to attract up to 400 participants from 18 to 45 years old. We are also pleased to welcome the participation of the founders from Lean In Circles from all over Malaysia who will present their circle stories with the audience. The High Commissioner of Australia in Malaysia, Mr. Andrew Goledzinowski is expected to deliver the welcoming remarks, and the Dean of University of Malaya, Datuk Prof. Dr. Roziah Omar will be our keynote speaker. The honourable Deputy of Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Steven Sim will officiate the event and share his vision for youth and women empowerment in the closing remarks.

Lean In Unconference, an alternate version of our annual flagship event, the Lean In Malaysia Summit, is where we gather prolific speakers who are experts in their fields to discuss a wide range of progressive ideas on the betterment of the Malaysian society. Our conference themes differ each year, but the primary focus is to inspire more women to be empowered professionally and personally. We help by providing platforms, connections, and spaces to guide women in their pursuits, whatever it may be. At the conference, participants will see a showcase of Lean In Malaysia’s best practices and most popular modules that have been delivered throughout the year.

We are now living in an ear of unprecedented change in the form of technological and economic disruption, geopolitical instability and an uprising of grassroots, social movements such as #TimesUp, #MeToo, and March for Our Lives. Women leaders are reclaiming their rightful power on the domestic and international front, both as voices and icons of change, as well as inspiring role models creating a wave of empowerment for other women around the world. Realizing this, Lean In Malaysia is focused on nurturing and supporting more women leaders who can use their talents to improve their surroundings and the state of the nation through societal, legal, industrial, and cultural means. LIU 2018’s panel session on Malaysia Baru seeks to discuss these issues with key opinion leaders such as prominent social activist Ivy Josiah.

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