Nazeen Koonda

IT & Communications Director
Media & Communications Consulting 

Nazeen, originally from Hyderabad, India has called Malaysia home for over 8 years. She has over 12 years of experience in communications and marketing having worked with top brands in Malaysia and India.

For Nazeen, life is about experiences and the people she meets. An avid reader, diver and foodie, Nazeen has worked with names like Dr. Reddy’s, CAP Project, Yashoda Foundation and Gati in india and Jaguar, Ed Hardy, Superdry, Time Out (KL, Penang and SG), Esquire (MY & SG), Elle MY, TNT Express Malaysia to name a few.

Nazeen is passionate about education, enabling and empowerment across and genders and stratas and that (along with the whole team of inspiring women) is what attracted her to Lean In Malaysia. She believes that every conversation we start today will have in impact on the not so far future. She believes that united, women could perhaps be the answer to a lot of global issues.


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